Hi, there!.

I’m Hellfire, and this is my website.
I live in Solingen, a smart little town in Germany,
have two lovely dogs named Floyd & Anna and two cats named Bowie & Peaches.
I like red wine and garlic (…and gettin‘ caught in the universal rain).

Hellfire, born 2010 in a bar in the beautiful city of cologne, on a beer mat, at 4 am.

Since then he has been wandering around streets, backyards and apartments, always looking for his place in this world.
Lost between alter ego and a lot of love story, he travels through his comic universe and at times he looks into our world a little displeased.
May also because he feels misunderstood as a kitty ;-). So don`t call me kitty! … I`m from Hell!

HELLFIRE, paste-up artwork.